Kristen is a powerhouse for the residential department and came to Tanza with over 25 years of experience in accounting, billing and collections. Kristen assists with pricing, scheduling, project specifications and communications. Kristen believes that her will to help others and her commitment to quality empowers her to excel in any scenario and is one of the first to take on a challenge.

Nick Hjort - CAD Programmer

This is the Tanza Granite & Marble fabrication team which is led by Mr. Brett Barten, our Shop Manager. Our fabrication team ensures each slab we cut and each unique project we complete is done with care and precision. We combine industry leading CNC router and waterjet technology with robust AutoCAD software programs to guarantee quality on each stone surface that leaves our shop. Each member of this highly skilled team is committed to delivering an unlimited edge profile selection, fabricating to each customers criteria, and delivering a product that is truly second to none. Each valuable member of Tanza’s fabrication team has been specially trained to fully utilize all the advantages the Park Industries Titan, Fusion and Fastback have to offer and that is something that we share with each valued client. These gentlemen are at the very backbone that is Tanza Granite and they are appreciated by staff and customers alike.

Administrative Support & Inside Sales Team

Brett Barten - Shop Manager

Solomon & Janine Coetzee

Brett attended Westwood college for architectural drafting and has a diverse construction background that allows him to guarantee quality, custom fabrication for each project. Brett is an expert in stone working machinery and is certified by Park Industries on the CNC Router and the Fusion CNC Saw/Waterjet. Brett’s knowledge of natural and engineered stone and his commitment to quality empower him to be an extremely effective leader and is a very important part of the outstanding service that Tanza extends to its customers.

The Tanza Granite Administrative Support & Inside Sales Department was created to provide both internal support to our outstanding staff and external support to our valued customers. These wonderful women serve as customer service points of contact for builders, interior designers, and home owners. They handle showroom visits with great professionalism and assist clients in establishing budgets and stone selection. As valued members of the Tanza family they also manage relationships with natural stone suppliers and engineered stone suppliers around the world. Whether they are helping a customer or assisting with accounting and collections, these ladies are always sporting a smile and always ready to lend a helping hand. (From left to right: Leticia Pinon, Jeanette Algeria, Jennifer Slabbert, Brenda Lang)

Lindy Abbacchi - Residential Project Manager

Bea Galvan - Multi-Family Coordinator

Jay is the multi-family & commercial projects guru. Jay has over 20 years of experience in the construction and natural stone industry and is considered a leader and expert in estimating, project management, installations, and marketing. Jay comes from a family of construction professionals and feels that his passion fuels him to be the very best in both new construction and remodeling projects.

Nick has been working with granite and engineered stone for over 15 years and is an expert in CAD template building, machine coding/programming, seam and vein line up, producing machine drawings, and digital design. Nick supports both residential and multi-family/commercial projects and prides himself on the precision and quality of his work. Nick is truly a valuable member of the Tanza family and is one of the many reasons why each final product produced by Tanza is nothing short of pure excellence.

Jay Garza - Multi-Family Project Manager

Fabrication & Shop Team

Bea has been with Tanza from the beginning and has seen Tanza evolve from a small family company to the preferred choice of builders, interior designers, and home owners. Bea has 15 years of experience in office management and feels that she is part of the beating heart that is Tanza Granite. Bea takes on every challenge with a smile and assists with multi-family scheduling, documentation, pricing, and customer service.

Meet The Team

Lindy came to Tanza with over 20 years of construction and natural stone experience. Throughout her tenure, she has overseen thousands of custom and luxury home installations in both remodeling and new construction projects. Lindy is the arm of the residential department and directs all marketing, pricing, scheduling, and communications with builders, interior designers, and home owners.

Kristen Navarro - Residential Coordinator

Solomon & Janine Coetzee are the founders of Tanza Granite & Marble. The Coetzee’s are big believers in the values of family, kindness and quality which is why they founded Tanza on those very same values. Both Solomon and Janine have many years of experience in granite and construction which equips them with the expertise necessary to lead Tanza with strength, professionalism, and love. The Coetzee’s attribute their success to old fashioned hard work and the pursuit of the American dream. Tanza is in the heartbeat of this family and they both believe that each Tanza employee is a valued member of that family. Solomon and Janine’s number one goal is to be a stone provider, installer and fabricator that people and businesses can depend on and trust. They are very involved in the business and personally interact with customers, they believe in “getting their hands dirty” and assisting their employees with measuring, fabrication, installing, customer service, and much more. When you walk through the shop and office at Tanza you feel a very warm and welcoming culture that brings happiness to its team members and value to its customers which is why Solomon and Janine have grown Tanza to be the prepared choice of many for residential, multi-family and commercial stone surface projects.