The Fusion 4245 is another great piece of technology that we use. It features a HyPrecision Waterjet System, OPS Productivity Reporting, and a unique Quad Guard System. This machine is 3 times faster than a bridge saw and is much more accurate. This unit is used for straight cuts, tight angles, mitering and much more. It offers simple operation which allows our fabrication team to boost production levels, lower labor costs, and guarantee quality on each cut, edge and polish. Each feature on the Fusion further enhances the value and dependability we offer each of our customers and allows us to be a strong partner that consistently delivers beautifully fabricated natural and engineered stone surfaces.

Park Industries Titan 2700

Park Industries Fastback Edge Polisher

Park Industries Fusion 4245S - Twin Table

The Fastback allows for the edge, polish and chamfer of backsplash and countertops in one single pass. This machine can produce 150 lineal feet per hour and offers optimized oscillation for better polish quality. Each edge and polish we complete is done to perfection which is why we use nothing but the best when it comes to fabrication equipment.

Tanza has 2 Titan 2700 CNC routers that allow for the shaping, polishing, and routing of a variety of stone surfaces such as granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite. They feature patented technology such as the iTECH interface, Integrated Tool Management, and OPS productivity reporting. These units empower Tanza to deliver premium fabrication and make each cut with precision and accuracy. The Titans also puts Tanza in a position to offer extremely competitive pricing because we do not depend on others for fabrication as many other granite companies do. Further advantages include smoother installations, increased efficiency, and an extreme boost in productivity, all of which are a direct benefit to our customers.

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